West in Danger
The West is in danger. The dangers include:
- lawfare, like the show trials of dissidents, publicly masked by the smearing of those targeted;
- mass mis-information and non-information, perhaps most of all on Islam, but it's far more pervasive than that;
- and indoctrination instead of education, camouflaged with phrases like non-judgmental celebration of diversity.

What will you find here?

INTERVIEWS with and UPDATES on people hit by LAWFARE
starting with Tommy Robinson who dared to speak out on the largely Islamic rape gangs which had been prevalent in Great Britain for decades. April 3, 2016: he was sure he would be sent back to prison and killed. May 23, 2018 interview: all looked glorious. It was 2 days before another arrest.
Also interviewed: Geert Wilders and Tim Burton.

Tommy Robinson

INFORMATION on Islamic ideology, starting with a fun simple easy and TRUTHFUL video for kids: Islam - Who, What and How. It's intended for all kids in the West, to counter the widespread indoctrination in most Western schools. For adults, there's A Quick and Easy Guide to Understanding Islam. Also, for everyone who has been frustrated by the way negative information on Islam is BUTTED away: The Big BUT System. And finally, information on Al Walaa wal Baraa.

A call for EDUCATION NOT INDOCTRINATION and R.A.N.T. (Rebels Against No Thinking). Especially, an exploration of the so-called education system that blocks thinking.

DECLARATIONS OF PEACEFUL INTENT, which may help distinguish who really has peaceful intent. The Declarations are different for the different religions, as religions differ.

BREAKTHROUGHS - like Jurgen Vollrath's viral impassioned 3-minute speech on the Yellow Vest Movement, delivered from the back of a pickup truck in Medicine Hat.

ABOUT LAWFARE. There are differences between Stalin-era show trials and the current wave. In the Communist trials, the outcome was often death, or anyway imprisonment in the Gulag Archipelago. Now the penalties do not usually include death.

A huge difference is that, under Communism, the trials were used by the state to strengthen the state. Now in the West, the justice system is being used to damage and destroy Western freedoms, notably freedom of speech. The problem: Islamization. Most of the political elite, the mainstream media and the education system are attacking Western values rather than upholding them. It looks like an auto-immune disorder, where a person's defense system has been turned against the person. In this case, some culprits are easy to see: Islam, and the so-called politically correct, who act on the side of Islam and against Western freedoms. It's very much time to stop these show trials.

SECOND. The show trials are part of something much larger - systematic mis-information, dis-information as well as intimidation. To help counter that, quick and easy INFORMATION.

On a site of its own - LiveFreedom.net - is a kids' video. Fun, easy, simple. Islamic ideology, including al Walaa wal Baraa, in just 9 minutes. For ages 8 and up. Now available in 8 languages.
Kids' Video - Islam Who What How
For adults, there are two Guides. To counter the inaccurate mainstream portrayals of Islam, there's The Quick and Easy Guide to Islam. Then, there's the common view that negative information about Islam is irrelevant ("But I know a nice Muslim"). To get people to see that this is a powerful strategy that keeps people from seeing Islam, there's The Big BUT System.
Quick and Easy Guide to See No Bad Islam
The final piece of information is on al Walaa wal Baraa, the second of the 3 essential teachings of Islam. It's much more important to all non-Islamics than the first essential teaching, which is widely known, that there is only one god, Allah, and that Mohammed is final messenger. But what is al Walaa wal Baraa? Most non-Islamics in the West have no idea.

THIRD. INFORMATION IS NOT ENOUGH - not when the so-called education system has been subverted, largely, into an indoctrination system that blocks much thinking by instilling beliefs such as "all opinions are equal" and "it's wrong to be judgmental." Many people have noted the dumbing down of education. At least as dangerous is the taboo on thinking, which ties with the Islamification of the curriculum. These UNDERLYING PROBLEMS IN THE EDUCATION SYSTEM - the taboo on thinking, combined with indoctrination rather than education - are addressed.
Education, Not Indoctrination
As for the damage being done to students' ability to think, one proposal is a grass roots movement: R.A.N.T. - Rebels Against No Thinking.

FOURTH. We keep being told that Islam is a religion of peace, and that most Islamics just want to integrate. However, clearly not all Islamics have peaceful intent. The mainstream media insists only a tiny percentage of Muslims have any non-peaceful intent. A question arises: Is there any way we can establish who has peaceful intent, non-Islamic as well as Islamic? Three friends think they have found a way: the DECLARATIONS OF PEACEFUL INTENT. The aim: to have the declarations circulated throughout the West, signed by all those willing to do so, and to have the results tallied.

FIFTH. BREAKTHROUGHS. These are happening. The POPULIST POLITICAL MOVEMENTS gaining ground throughout Europe. The election of political parties that are responding to the growing awareness that Western values and Western economies are under threat. The election of Trump in the United States. Most recently, the YELLOW VEST MOVEMENT in countries where populist parties do not have political power. And, one small figure in that turmoil, JURGEN VOLLRATH gave an impassioned 3-minute speech in the back of a pickup truck in a parking lot in a smallish Canadian city - and it went viral, reaching almost a million people in 10 days. Here's an INTERVIEW with him.
Elsa interviews Jurgen Vollrath

There is so much more to be done. Fortunately, these efforts are just a drop in the bucket full of the many many efforts of people doing what we can to counter the threats to Western values, Western civilisation - to the West.

How do we deal with all the "shark attacks" on human rights and freedoms?

I remember the first time I was asked how one eats an elephant. I didn't have a clue. The answer (for people who would eat elephants): one bite at a time.

That's how many of us are dealing with the shark attacks.

In the case of Tommy Robinson, when help was sought in April 2016, the worldwide support was amazing. The immediate legal danger was fought off by top notch legal representation, made possible by the money that had been raised.

The West is in danger. May that danger be averted by the efforts of people who care and dare to act!

West in Danger!
Protect human rights,
freedom of speech,
safety, the capacity to think.
Protect our Children.
Education Not Indoctrination.
And Stop the Show Trials - the Lawfare.

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