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West in Danger
The West is in danger on many fronts. One huge immediate danger is lawfare: the law used against someone who dares to speak out about anything negative re Islam. Our first call for help was for Tommy Robinson, almost certain to be thrown back into jail on trumped up charges. Now we're trying to help raise funds for Geert Wilders, perhaps the next prime minister of the Netherlands, currently facing a charge for truth-telling that may land him in jail.

An ongoing mass threat comes from the so-called education system. In many ways, it's an indoctrination system. Many people have noted the dumbing down of education. At least as dangerous is the taboo on thinking. Yet another issue is the the Islamification of the curriculum.

Plus, there's so much we need to know that few people in the West are aware of - like al Walaa wal Baraa.

How do we deal with the "shark attacks" on human rights and freedoms?

Tommy Robinson Geert Wilders

al Walaa wal Baraa
Education, Not Indoctrination

I remember the first time I was asked how one eats an elephant. I didn't have a clue. The answer (for people who would eat elephants): one bite at a time.

That's how we're dealing with the shark attacks.

We've been delighted at the worldwide support for Tommy. The immediate legal danger was fought off by top notch legal representation, made possible by the money that had been raised.

Now we're moving to also deal with other shark attacks - like those targetting Geert Wilders.

And those damaging students' ability to think. To take on that shark attack, we've started a grass roots movement: R.A.N.T. - Rebels Against No Thinking.

Finally, there are two Guides to counter inaccurate mainstream portrayals of Islam, and the common view that negative information about Islam is irrelevant ("But I know a nice Muslim"):

Quick and Easy Guide to See No Bad Islam Understanding Islam Big BUT Systen

One thing is clear:

West in Danger!
Protect human rights,
freedom of speech,
safety, the capacity to think.
Protect our children.
Become a member of
Education Not Indoctrination,
and the linked action group,
R.A.N.T.  -
Rebels Against No Thinking

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Thank you.

And welcome to working together
to bring back good thinking skills.

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What we need:

education not indoctrination


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West in Danger

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