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One question immediately comes to mind. Why focus on the education system? CLICK FOR THOUGHTS ON THIS. Also, here is a video:

It's an important question: Why focus on the education system?

Another important question: Wouldn't it be a better use of limited energy, if we're aware of the dangers of Islam, just to work directly to increase awareness of Islam, of problems inherent in mass Islamic immigration, etc?

The education system is supposed to give us tools, like how to think about anything. It fails to do this. Instead there are taboos against thinking. Instead of being taught how to think, students are indoctrinated to believe that to think anything that someone might not want us to think, is being judgmental. The so-called education system instills the belief - which goes against logic and the evidence - that all opinions, cultures and religions are equal.

Dealing with the education system is essential.

Throughout the West, children are being brain wrecked. Instead of being proud of having a good head on their shoulder, they're taught to rigidly believe in the evil of judging - rather than, say, the evil of murdering, of enslaving, and so on.

They should be shown the many ways people have sought to evaluate well. For example, Aristotle long ago explored what people need to flourish. Socrates held we need to know ourselves. He also came up with a very interesting method of arguing called the Socratic method, where people with poor arguments basically corner themselves. Then there is John Stuart Mills who in the 19th century argued for Liberty Until Harm and against the Offense Principle. He also wrote about the Greatest Happiness Principle: in other words, what makes for the greatest general happiness?

Instead of being taught ways of exploring and coming to well-backed conclusions, students are indoctrinated to believe in relativism - nothing is right or wrong, and once again, who are they to judge.

They're helpless to deal with danger - because who are they to judge?

They have no tools to assess what might be dangerous, and what is clearly benign.

It's vital to face that, in much of the West, there is a brain wrecking indoctrination system in place, rather than an education system.

Unless we face this, we cannot confront this.

And until we confront this, year after year, children's capacity to think is stunted or shut down entirely.

If we care for our children, we need to take on the education system, make it be an education system.

For instance, with even elementary critical thinking skills, we would know about Islamic teachings and history, and see what this almost certainly means for any society allowing the influx of Islamics - namely, disaster. That most people are unaware of this is testimony to the inadequacy of the Western anti-education system. In fact, it shows more: it exposes some of the most dangerous flaws in the current mainstream anti-education systems throughout the West.

With even elementary thinking skills people would see the destructiveness of a movement like the No Borders Movement. If people could go freely wherever they wanted to go, there would no way of building something - a society, say. Millions upon millions could come in and swamp it, destroy it - even forcibly change a democracy to a dictatorship.

With even elementary thinking skills, no one in the West would favor importing Saudi oil over building a pipeline for Canadian oil. The pipeline is much safer, in the first place - or anyone with environmental concerns would opt for it. Plus Saudi oil comes, obviously, from Saudi Arabia, a country with a repressive governing system, and massive human rights violations. Canada, on the other hand, has one of the freest societies in the world, where citizens are free, in fact, to block oil policies that benefit their democratic country and favor a repressive one.

In other words, one of the reasons we have Islam and Sharia and mass Muslim immigration is that we have, throughout the West, millions upon millions of people unable to think, due to a supposed education system that shuts down thinking. As long as people can't think, they can't recognize the danger they're allowing in.

Also, as long as we have an indoctrination system, year after year it churns out ever more citizens totally unable to think. They can't discriminate between what's good for Canada and what's destructive, what's good for democracy and what's destructive, what's good for human rights and what's destructive. Instead, they hold that we must not judge - even if we're being destroyed by the non-judgment. And this is called being well educated!! It isn't. It's a sign of being utterly indoctrinated by mind-numbing gobbledygook, of being brain wrecked.

Or how could people like Trudeau and Obama and Merkel and Cameron, etc, ever have been elected.

A question: who benefits from the current indoctrination system?

, very clearly. So does the No Borders movement - a movement which benefits Islam. So does the anti-pipeline movement - which favors Saudi oil transported in more dangerous tankers over Canadian ethical oil transported via much safer pipelines - so once again Islam benefits.

In other words, once again, it is vital that we get rid of the mass indoctrination system.

The schools are supposed to educate, not indoctrinate.

Our children deserve better.
Education, Not Indoctrination Education, Not Indoctrination

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