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education not indoctrination

No Thinking Taboo

One question immediately comes to mind. Why focus on the education system?

Why not, as people aware of the dangers of Islam, just work directly to increase awareness of Islam, of problems inherent in mass Islamic immigration, etc? Isn't it a waste of time to pay attention to the education system?

The education system is supposed to give us tools, like how to think about anything. It fails to do this. With even elementary critical thinking skills, we would know about Islamic teachings and history, and see what this almost certainly means for any society allowing the influx of Islamics - namely, disaster. That most people are unaware of this is testimony to the inadequacy of the Canadian anti-education system. In fact, it shows more: it exposes some of the most dangerous flaws in the current mainstream anti-education systems throughout the West.

In other words, one of the reasons we have Islam and Sharia and mass Muslim immigration is that we have, throughout the West, millions upon millions of people unable to think, due to a supposed education system that shuts down thinking. As long as people can't think, they can't recognize the danger they're allowing in.

Also, as long as we have an indoctrination system, year after year it churns out ever more citizens totally unable to think. They can't discriminate between what's good for Canada and what's destructive, what's good for democracy and what's destructive, what's good for human rights and what's destructive. Instead, they hold that we must not judge - even if we're being destroyed by the non-judgment. And this is called being well educated!! It isn't. It's a sign of being utterly indoctrinated by mind-numbing gobbledygook, of being brain wrecked.

Or how could people like Trudeau and Obama and Merkel and Cameron, etc, ever have been elected.

Below, more information on the event.

Note the question: who benefits from the current indoctrination system?

, very clearly. So does the No Borders movement - a movement which benefits Islam. So does the anti-pipeline movement - which favors Saudi oil transported in more dangerous tankers over Canadian ethical oil transported via much safer pipelines - so once again Islam benefits.

In other words, it is vital that we get rid of the mass indoctrination system.

The schools are supposed to educate, not indoctrinate.

Our children deserve better.
Education, Not Indoctrination

Urgently Needed: Education Not Indoctrination.
In: Good Thinking. In: Understanding Islam.
Out: Islam-falsification.
West in Danger.
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What we need:

education not indoctrination


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