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quick and easy guide to understanding islam

Many people are confused about Islam.
Is it a religion of peace?
Is it not a religion of peace?
That's often the first big question.

Getting answers is extra important because Islam
is now part of the curriculum in many schools.

This guide clears the confusion.
Quick and easy answers.
For teachers, parents, students.
For everyone.

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Reader Responses:

This is the missing piece in the puzzle. Even Bill Warner has not produced anything so comprehensive AND BRIEF that a PC doubter can’t refuse to read on the basis of being too busy. And any PC who rejects this is beyond all hope.
          Gordon Miller, Ottawa, Canada

EXCELLENT. Wonderful work.
          Kenneth Roberts, writer for Bill Warner’s Political Islam, Toronto, Canada

This is AWESOME!!
My heart was beating faster as I got ito it - at the prospect of what this could achieve.
          Jan Ferguson, London, England

VERY good. The best explanation of abrogation I have come across yet. 
And very clear teaching throughout.
The best thing I learned was about Sura 9 being one of the last Suras and abrogating everything before it. And having the relevant parts of Sura 9 put in front of me to read really brings the message home.
I had not grasped that fact so clearly until I read through the Guide.
Brilliant! Well done! And thank you!
          Fr George, Australia

Quick and Easy Guide to Understanding Islam

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But no matter how quick and clear
the information about Islam,
one problem remains:
many people block listening:
“BUT there’s good and bad in all religions.”
“BUT it’s all a matter of interpretation.”
“BUT I know lots of nice Muslims.”
“BUT it’s all the fault of
US foreign policy,
feeling unwanted,
poverty . . . "
“This has nothing to do with Islam.”

To deal with the objections,
The Big BUT System:
The Strategy that Keeps People
from Seeing Islam as It Is.
Click here for more info

And now, the beginning of
quick and easy guide to understanding islam

Lots of people are confused about Islam. Some people say it’s a religion of peace. Other people disagree and point to Islamic jihad suicide bombers. Some people claim these bombers are not true Islamics. Other people once again disagree.

The people who claim Islam is a religion of peace point to passages in the Quran that say there is no coercion in religion. Those who disagree point to passages advocating violence against non-Islamics.

Here: a quick and easy clarification of key terms and points, so that the dispute over whether Islam is a religion of peace, as well as many other disputes, can be easily settled. The terms and points:

- abrogation,
- not at the end, though it’s the last,
- taqiyya,
- the complete prohibition of further changes,
- kafirs,
- dhimmis,
- hijrah,
- dar al-Islam,
- dar al-harb,
- caliphate,
- “but I know a nice Muslim,”
- a very short history lesson, which includes the Crusades,
- “there’s good and bad in all religions,”
- prescriptive versus descriptive,
- “it's a matter of interpretation.”

Quick and easy??? Yes!


Is Islam a religion of peace or not? It is very easy to show which is right.

But you need to understand a key aspect of Islam. Abrogation.

What is this?

It is very easy to understand. Let’s take examples from outside Islam.

Let’s say someone gets stopped by the police for drunk driving in 2016 in Canada. His or her blood alcohol level is .40 – that is, 5 times above the level allowed in Canada in 2016, which is .08.

The person goes to court, and argues:

“So what? Look here: I have the law books from 1940, 1950, 1960, and even 1970. There are no laws against drinking and driving. Case closed.”

Does he or she win? Is the case thrown out of court?


We all know this.

Because the law has been changed. In 2016 it is illegal to drive in Canada with an alcohol level of .40. The person loses their license.


A second example. Imagine that, in 2016 in Canada, a woman goes to vote and is told, “No, you can’t vote. You’re a woman. Look at the Canadian law of 1870, 1880, 1890, 1900, and even 1910. Women are not allowed to vote.”

Do you think the woman would accept this?

Of course not. The law has been changed. It was changed long ago.


We say, the law has been changed.

In Islam, the term is abrogation. That means that what was once the rule, is no longer the rule. Now there is a new and, according to Islam, improved rule.

Abrogation is something essential to know about in order to understand Islam – to know what is valid NOW, not only in the first few years of Islam.

So at the very start, for about 12 years, there was no coercion in religion. Now, for about 1400 years, “no coercion in religion” has been abrogated (made no longer valid).


How do you know what is valid in Islam? You go to what was written last in the Quran. You go, first and foremost, to Surah 9 - because it was written very near the end of Mohammed's life. That's why it's commonly known as Mohammed’s last will and testament.

It clearly shows that anything to do with “no compulsion in religion” is 100% abrogated – no longer valid.

Here’s a tiny sampling from Surah 9:

1. Slay the idolaters wherever you find them. (9:5)

For more of Surah 9,
and for the full
Quick and Easy
Guide to Understanding Islam
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Quick and Easy Guide to Understanding Islam

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