Stop the Show Trials

Stop the Show Trials. Stop the Lawfare.
One Justice for All.
Stop the Injustice. Stop Unjust Prosecution.
Protect Freedom of Speech.

I remember my outrage at the injustice faced by rape victims, victimized a second time by the court system. Why were they out alone? Why were they at home alone? What were they wearing? What about their sexual history?

I also remember Dr Zhivago and the Gulag Archipelago - my horror at hearing about Stalin's show trials, which taught all Russians how dangerous it was to step out of line, to say anything that could be seen as critical of Stalin or Communism.

Now there are different outrages, different show trials. But once again, instead of justice, unjust prosecution. Instead of protection by the law, blatant injustice, notably relating to freedom of speech and Islam.

At present in the West, anyone who dares to break Islam's rules, anyone who dares to say or do anything Islam does not want said or done, risks prosecution at the hands of the Western legal system.

That's somewhat like what rape victims faced. But in the case of rape victims, something horrible happened to them, and they were blamed and shamed.

With the Soviet show trials, the victims either broke an unwritten law or were suspected of this.

Lawfare has more in common with the Communist show trials - with one huge difference. Under Communism, the show trials strengthened the hold of Communism.

With lawfare, the show trials do the opposite. They work to weaken and destroy the system, in this case the West. They work to erode and eventually destroy freedom of speech, to erode and destroy the core values of Western civilization.

It isn't, as with Communism, the group in power doing all it can to maintain its power. Lawfare is being used by supposed victims, by a group claiming victim status - against people in the supposed dominant group.

In other words, huge parts of the West have been turned against the West - notably against those who defend the West.

Some of the people hit by lawfare are traditional heroes. They've intentionally entered the arena, have fought long and hard from very early on. Geert Wilders comes to mind.

More of these people are unwitting and accidental heroes. Ezra Levant had no idea what he was doing when he published what has come to be known as the Danish cartoon. He thought everyone would be publishing it - after all, how could people know what the fuss was about if they weren't shown the cartoon? As he soon found out, he was the only publisher in all of Canada who dared to do this. The consequences were huge. He has become a staunch warrior against Islamization.

The people hit by lawfare often do most of their learning after they land into trouble. Tommy Robinson, for instance, evolved from uncouth football loudmouth, to leader of the English Defense League, to savvy debater and reporter for TheRebel.media. Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff went from awareness of Islam, to teaching small classes, to major figure in the counter-jihad. A powerful impetus for her evolution: her show trial, because she dared teach the truth about Mohammed, his marriage to a young child - and dared to teach about this negatively.

STOP THE SHOW TRIALS is about some of these people, whether they chose to tackle Islam or whether they're accidental warriors faced with a system gone rogue - with a system that is supposed to protect us, but that instead has been turned, to a major degree in many Western countries, to silence and even destroy those who tell truths we're not supposed to tell.

Sometimes I feel I've accidentally entered an episode of Star Trek, where captain and crew are faced with dangerous rogue powers. But in Star Trek, within an hour, there's a major victory. Also here many of the "captains" are rogue, are working against freedom of speech, against the physical safety of citizens.

It seems highly likely that saving the West will take longer than an episode of Star Trek!

More about STOP THE SHOW TRIALS. In addition to looking at people hit by show trials, it will look at people defending the West, using the legal system. Shurat HaDin (the Israel Law Center) is known for using the legal system to combat terrorism, Islamic and other, through getting perpetrators to pay victims and the families of victims. Gavin Boby, known as the Mosque Buster, has a long string of successes in blocking mosque applications, using legal channels.

will look at such people who are using the legal system as it's meant to be used: to combat injustice.

The start: interviews with a few of the people doing what they can to bring back justice, to defend freedom of speech, to stand against the encroachment of Islamic blasphemy laws.

One such person: Tim Burton. Click for more on Tim, including interviews.

And here's a VIDEO on the urgent need to STOP THE SHOW TRIALS

What can everyone do? Speak out where you can.

If you can afford it, please donate.

It costs a lot to be hit by lawfare. It cost Ezra Levant 2 years, $100,000, and his magazine (where he'd dared publish the Danish cartoon). For Tim Burton, his second trial (which ended in his being convicted and sent to jail), cost him 12,000 pounds. The cost for the current appeal will be at least as high.

A first rate lawyer probably meant the difference between life and death for Tommy Robinson. It may also mean the difference between life and death for freedom of speech.

Right now, the focus is on Tim Burton.
Please give generously.


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Thank you.

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Stop the Show Trials. Stop the Lawfare.
One Justice for All.
Stop the Injustice. Stop Unjust Prosecution.
Protect Freedom of Speech.

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