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Al Walaa wal Baraa. Islamic Apartheid.
Does it bring us to the ESSENTIAL QUESTION
to ask Islamics?

We've looked at: what is al Walaa wal Baraa? In short, it's the opposite of the Golden Rule. According to this essential doctrine of Islam, it is not enough for Islamics just to hate kafirs, they must show disdain, and humiliate kafirs. This is established in the Quran, Hadiths, Sira, and the Tafsirs (Islamic 'canonical commentaries').

Islamic scholar Kenneth Roberts has concluded that this essential doctrine leads to the essential question to ask adherents of Islam. Here are his words:

Semmelweiss, the famous Hungarian physician, saved lives with three words, 'Wash your hands.'

I think we can save lives by asking Muslims a simple question: whether they practice al Walaa wal Baraa, an 'essential' teaching - that is, one that they are required to observe - or whether they have left Islam?

That is a 'checkmate' question for Muslims, I believe. They lose either way they answer. If they answer that they OBSERVE it, they are admitting to HATRED OF NON-MUSLIMS.

If they answer that they DO NOT OBSERVE it, they HAVE LEFT ISLAM, since the teaching is essential for Islamic salvation. Any Muslim who does not observe al Walaa wal Baraa, for example takes kafirs for friends, 'is one of them' - a kafir.

My concern is a little different. My interest is whether someone is safe for non-Islamics, in other words, for people like me. The Islamic doctrine of al Walaa wal Baraa indicates that no adherent of Islam - no Muslim, in other words - is safe for us.

Therefore it is essential to ask if someone Islamic adheres to this doctrine that is dangerous for non-Islamics, as it demands hatred and disdain and the humiliation of non-Islamics.

Like almost everyone these days, I'm very aware of the many Islamic terrorist attacks against non-Islamics. I would like to have some way to tell which Islamics are likely to be safe, and which are more likely to be dangerous, to non-Islamics. Numerous studies indicate that, in non-Islamic countries, approximately 40% of Islamics want Sharia to be established in the non-Islamic country. That too indicates the person is dangerous for non-Islamics, as Sharia

The essential doctrine of al Walaa wal Baraa seems to indicate an excellent effective first step in screening adherents of Islam. Asking Islamics whether they follow this essential teaching may help non-Islamics distinguish adherents of Islam who hate us in accord with their religious ideology, from those who don't.

Of course, as Kenneth Roberts points out, if someone says they don't practice al Walaa wal Baraa, in that case according to Islam they are an apostate and no longer an Islamic. But I will leave that for Islamics to sort out.

My concern: the well-being and safety of non-Islamics.

I will end with a suggestion. Asking about adherence to al Walaa wal Baraa seems an essential screening question to ask any Islamic who might want to enter any Western country, whether as potential citizen or as a refugee or even as a foreign student.

al Walaa wal Baraa

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