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Tommy Robinson

The case against Tommy has been dismissed. It was quick. April 14th, as scheduled, the case started.

A few hours passed. And the judge ruled: dismissed, with costs.

How did that happen? How did Tommy go from being sure he would heading back to prison, to case dismissed?

In Tommy's words: The QC was f**king brilliant. Tore them to shreds! The QC - the legal representative Tommy had only because so many people gave generously. He's sure that, without those donations, without that QC, he would be back in jail, rotting away.

Here's a very short video:
Tommy Robinson - thank you video
You can read more on Gates of Vienna or Breitbart- though not in the mainstream media.

Elation. Celebration.

But it's case dismissed. Not case closed. Not the case against the authorities
protecting the Islamic men "grooming" over a hundred thousand indigenous British girls. Not the case against the social workers too afraid, year after year, of being called racist to act on information about the sexual abuse of indigenous British girls. Not the case against police officers who refused to help parents desperate for help - like the father phoned by his daughter's rapists, forced to hear her being raped, and denied help by the authorities. Hundreds of thousands of cases are not closed. In British city after city, the cases are just being opened.

The British authorities don't appreciate all those cans of worms being opened, those worms crawling out of cans. Very inconvenient.

We thank all the people who gave generously to Tommy Robinson, so that he could have first-rate legal representation. As we all know, the reason he needed it was because of what he stands for, because of the injustices he's exposing. And those injustices remain. And Tommy still is speaking out.

Now, a time to celebrate. A battle has been won.

But, as Tommy recognizes, so much is ahead. So much to do, so we have justice, so laws are enforced.

Enemy of the State, in print or in kindle.

Tommy Robinson's book, Enemy of the State

In case you'd like to give more,
everything will go 100% directly to Tommy Robinson.

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More tweets of Tommy's victory in court:
Tommy Robinson - case dismissed

Tommy Robinson - case dismissed

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