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So much has changed. On April 3, 2016, Tommy was sure that he would be sent to prison and killed. Since then, he's had a rollercoaster ride - both widely celebrated and re-arrested on trumped-up charges. He's found funds to support him, and yet they could not protect him against another dangerous prison term. He's acclaimed by the alternative media worldwide, and has a media channel of his own. That's for another time.

Here, APRIL 2016. How things started:

Valerie, Elsa, Jamie
On Sunday, April 3, a close friend of Tommy's emailed Valerie, another good friend. Tommy was in despair. His court case was coming up in just over a week, on April 14, and he was certain he would be thrown back in jail on trumped up charges. He had only a court appointed lawyer to defend him. Tommy didn't know how he could face jail again. Last time he had chosen 22 weeks in solitary confinement, because the danger of being killed was so high, as he was put among violent Islamic offenders.

Could anything be done? Valerie thought of crowd funding, but wasn't internet savvy. So she reached out to Elsa.

Elsa was glad to help. She had admired Tommy for years. She tried a crowd funding site, but got blocked because this is a legal issue. So Elsa created a web site and a way to donate. That was finished at 11 pm on Sunday night.

How did we reach people? Valerie sends out weekly from ACT for Canada. On Monday, she sent out to everyone on her list about Tommy.

Elsa also sends out weekly, in her case from the World Truth Summit and Elsa's Emporium. On Tuesday, she sent out to everyone on her list.

Then on Wednesday and Thursday, Jamie Glazov of the Glazov Gang, who had recently done 2 great interviews with Tommy, sent the call for help twice to his even larger list.

All Elsa's sites mysteriously crashed in the middle of the fundraising drive, on Thursday night, and most were still not back online 4 days later. But, after hours on the phone with her web host, she managed to get the fundraising site, WestInDanger, back online within 12 hours!!!

That was crucial.

Because the story was also picked up by BlazingCatFur, GatesOfVienna, and eventually Breitbart. Plus many people have passed it on - including Pat Condell. Donations came from Australia, Norway, India, the States, Canada, Indonesia, etc. A major amount has come from Great Britain.

It was great to see Tommy well-armed for the court case, instead of having only a court-appointed lawyer - a lawyer from the same state that has been radically unjust to him.

We don't know what's next. We know things will continue.

Tommy has said thank you over and over for all the help he has received.

Many of you have sent thank you's to Tommy, for all he has done, standing up against the injustices happening around him.

And that brings up more thank you's - Valerie's and Elsa's.


More "shark attacks." A physical attack. A frozen bank account. And further threatened legal action. More to be done.



Words fail me – which they mercifully rarely do – to express my profound gratitude and awe for what TEAM TOMMY was able to achieve. What we accomplished in one week defies description.

I am such a strong believer in the Lord. So – HE is smiling down upon us – because HE loves Tommy and believes in him – and us – and I believe that is why the campaign has been and will continue to be so successful. Tommy has paid a great price and has stood alone for so many years and now it’s time for him to have a little peace. The outpouring of love has overwhelmed him. And I think all of us.

I feel this morning that of all my accomplishments in fundraising over the years – this is what I am most proud of.


I've never done fundraising, but have admired - and cared about - Tommy for years. When Valerie called, I was happy to do what I could - and then I was so enormously pleased at the outpouring of generosity and care - and at hearing about how much good it did Tommy. I had no idea how ready people would be to help. None of us did.

And then somehow, my sites mysteriously crashed - after no problems for 12 years. That was another surprise!!

Some thoughts. That so many people gave is a triumph. We're way ahead with this generosity. But the battle is not won. We haven't ended the kind of injustice that Tommy has faced, that the girls "groomed" by Islamic rape gangs face, and on.

Another thought. Those we're up against are bullies. Once they see the tide has turned, many will cave.

This outpouring of generosity is a sign that the tide may be turning - that people are recognizing the danger and willing to donate to help end the injustice.

So, an enormous thank you to everyone who gave.

And then, a final thought. I've always loved: stories about people fighting injustice:

Tommy Robinson's book, Enemy of the State

But something has changed. It isn't someone black facing injustice, it's Tommy, an indigenous white man, fighting for justice against oppressors from both inside and outside his society. Enemy of the State, in print or in kindle.

Tommy Robinson's book, Enemy of the State

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Again, thank you so very much,
from Tommy
and from Team Tommy

From despair to gratitude, through the generosity of those who care.

Tommy RobinsonTommy Robinson - thank you video

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