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Tommy Robinson

On April 3rd, Tommy was in despair, sure he would get sent to jail on a bogus charge. The same day, a crowd funding drive was started for him. By April 9, there was enough money for top legal representation. On April 14, the court case against him ended quickly: case dismissed, with costs.

But when you're in shark infested waters, you know that escaping one shark attack does not mean you're safe.

So we're preparing to ward off further dangers. This is another call for help - including the option of monthly donations.

But first, so many thanks to those who gave, for helping Tommy escape one huge immediate danger. It's the generosity of over 1000 people, worldwide, that paid for the top notch legal representation that allowed Tommy to walk free.

But Tommy has faced 3 more "shark attacks" since the judge ruled, on April 14, case dismissed, with costs.

Here are the newest attacks:

ATTACK ONE. It was just an ordinary day in April, with Tommy on an ordinary excursion, when he was attacked by a man. The man started by charging Tommy, over and over, with "racism" - which Tommy is utterly against. Then there came the physical attack - captured on his cell phone by Tommy himself - but removed by Youtube as "inappropriate or offensive to some audiences."

Tommy ended up unhurt. But he should have had protection.

We need to protect our own.

ATTACK TWO. The Crown Prosecution Service appeals team is looking at seeking a review of the judge’s April 14th decision. If that decision is overturned, Tommy could go to retrial. The prosecutors have already said they may seek a retrial. 


ATTACK THREE: Tommy's bank account was frozen yet again. Now it has been unfrozen, perhaps because now he has the means to respond strongly.

On Tommy's side, he's not just waiting for the next attack from the legal system. The remaining monies in the trust fund will enable him to properly prepare for the possibility of a retrial.

Some donors have already proposed one way of providing more protection against the ongoing threat of physical attacks, as well as attacks from the so-called justice system: monthly donations to a fund for security, plus to keep the legal fund from going dry. We agreed with them. And now that option is available.

Now available: the option of an AUTOMATIC MONTHLY DONATION, with people setting whatever amount is comfortable for them. As always, INDIVIDUAL DONATIONS are very welcome. Everything goes 100% directly to Tommy Robinson.

One time donation
You choose the amount

UK £
US $


Monthly donation (only in UK currency)
You choose the amount. You can change or cancel at any time:
donateHere is the approximate exchange:
£10 UK = $15.00 US - $19.00 Cdn - €13 Euro - $20 Aud
£15 UK = $22.00 US - $28.00 Cdn - €20 Euro - $30 Aud
£25 UK = $36.00 US - $48.00 Cdn - €33 Euro - $50 Aud
(Google search comes up instantly with the exchange)

* Go to: Edit the Price, to what is right for you.
* Set the amount to what you want to give.
* Next, go to the top of the page, to the green stripe, with View Cart on the right.
* Click on View Cart.
* On the View Cart page, there is a red X on the left, to delete something in case there's been an error.
* Otherwise, scroll down and click on Proceed to Checkout.
* During check out, you will be asked for a password. You can make up any password you like.
* If you don't have Paypal, you can pay with a credit card.
* Otherwise, it is difficult to pay with any method other than Paypal.

Thank you so very much,
from Tommy
and Team Tommy

Please help spread the word.

share on social mediaHere's the link to spread the word:

Enemy of the State, in print or in kindle.
Tommy Robinson's book, Enemy of the State

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