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Tommy Robinson - 2 cases
Good news about Tommy Robinson.

In June he had a charge against him for holding up a F**K ISIS banner at a football match. A couple of months later, he was ordered to leave a Cambridge pub where he, 2 friends, and their 7 children were watching a football match on TV.

And now, the good news. On September 19, Tommy sent out a short jubilant tweet after his court appearance relating to his holding up a F**K ISIS banner:

Judge "evidence is vague & cagey & not genuine" case dismissed
(Link online: http://westindanger.com/tr/tommy-robinson-good-news.html)

Here's more detail:

The police had sought to argue that an English flag held up by PEGIDA UK leader Robinson with the words “Fuck ISIS” printed on it amounted to incitement of hatred against Muslims.

Attending Luton Magistrates Court today with her client, Mr. Robinson’s lawyer Alison Gurden argued that attempts to impose the order amounted to an attempt to breach his right to freedom of speech and assembly.

According to Mr. Robinson, the judge agreed, dismissing the police’s case against him as vague, cagey, and not genuine.
(Link online: http://westindanger.com/tr/tommy-robinson-good-news.html)

Huffington Post also carried the story.
(Link online: http://westindanger.com/tr/tommy-robinson-good-news.html)

As for the recent incident at a Cambridge pub, the police have now claimed that Tommy was not the only target:

Cambridgeshire Police deny targeting Mr Robinson during the incident in Cambridge, claiming in a statement that 18 Luton football club supporters were asked to leave the city to prevent violent clashes between fans.

However, when asked by Breitbart London whether there was any proof that the other 17 existed, and which they were willing to release, they replied that there was not.

(Link online: http://westindanger.com/tr/tommy-robinson-good-news.html)

An appeal has been made, asking witnesses to the incident, plus the other 17 people allegedly charged, to come forward.

Here is Tommy's response to the Cambridge incident, in an interview with Jamie Glazov:


In the interview Tommy stresses how vital it is that now he has excellent legal representation, made possible by his many generous supporters.

And once again he thanks the many people who have made donations.

The video ends with another thank you - from Jamie Glazov to Valerie Price of ACT for Canada, for funding the interview.

The news isn't so good in other places. Here are 2 current Canadian cases.

In the province of Ontario, Eric Brazau has been sentenced to 18 months in jail for insulting Islam - for what was planned as a piece of street theatre (performed in the subway).
(Link online: http://westindanger.com/tr/tommy-robinson-good-news.html)

Another incident resulted in Eric's being charged, not just with hate crime, but incitement to genocide. Exactly what did he do?

The hate crime consists of the fact that, on the night he demonstrated against the Bataclan murders in Paris, he allegedly said "Muslims killed people in Paris". It seems he should have said "ISIS killed people in Paris", or "Misunderstanders of Islam killed people in Paris", or "People with a warped interpretation of Islam killed people in Paris"... If he is convicted on all charges he faces up to 10 years in a penitentiary.

Eric has been charged with incitement to genocide. The Attorney General had to agree to this charge and it is the first time such a charge has been made in Canada. The Crown has stated that she wants to send Eric to the penitentiary, i.e. more than two years in jail.

(Link online: http://westindanger.com/tr/tommy-robinson-good-news.html)

Also in Canada, this time in the province of Quebec, Djemila Benhabib is on trial for accurately reporting information, in an interview, about an Islamic school - information from the school's own website and a promotional pamphlet sent out by the school. The charge? Slander. (And yes, according to a reliable friend, if you hurt someone's reputation by telling the truth, that falls under the definition of slander!)

Quebec: Muslims take author to court for revealing truth about Islamic school

Author Djemila Benhabib, on trial for slander for comments made about a Muslim private school, testified Wednesday that the religious instruction offered at the school has no place in Quebec.

Benhabib said alarm bells went off when she read the Qur’anic passages children attending the Muslim School of Montreal were made to memorize. The passages, which she called “an offence to human dignity,” spoke of the beautiful virgins awaiting male believers in the afterlife, while non-believers endured “scorching fire and scalding water.” . . .

The school is seeking $95,000 in damages. The president of the school’s board of directors testified earlier Benhabib’s interview had caused a decrease in enrollment and created a state of panic as teachers and students feared repercussions for being likened to terrorists.
(Link online: http://westindanger.com/tr/tommy-robinson-good-news.html)

We clearly have a long way to go!

The tremendous support Tommy has received has made a huge difference for him.

Tommy Robinson - Legal and Security FundNow available: the option of an AUTOMATIC MONTHLY DONATION, with people setting whatever amount is comfortable for them. As always, INDIVIDUAL DONATIONS are very welcome. Everything goes 100% directly to Tommy Robinson.

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Tommy Robinson.
Good news about the charges
stemming from Tommy holding a
F**K ISIS banner.
Case dismissed.